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IT'S ABOUT TIMEInvincible : Season 1 Episode 1

It's About TimeSeason1Episode1Air dateMarch 26, 2021WriterRobert KirkmanDirectorRobert ValleyEpisode guideNext"Here Goes Nothing""It's About Time" is the first episode of the first season of Invincible, and the first episode of the show overall.

IT'S ABOUT TIMEInvincible : Season 1 Episode 1

Answers are coming, and Season 1's eight episodes are building up to some big ones. The comic books created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker that serve as the source for Amazon's new animated series contain the blueprint already. But even if you don't know a thing about them, Invincible has been steadily telegraphing the dark days that lie ahead in its increasingly bloody title cards.

"Either it should be detailed and interesting and able to stand up to multiple repeated viewings, or it should be very short. Simply because it's one part of your show that repeats, that people see every single episode," Racioppa said in a phone interview with Mashable. Kirkman has been closely involved with the show all the way through, and he fell in roughly the same place.

The blood stuff came later in the process. "As the show developed we started talking about what else we could do," Racioppa said. "I'd always wanted to do a title card that changed a little bit every episode, to give you a reason not to skip it. So that was a philosophy too: What can we do to make it worthwhile even though it's only seven or eight seconds long?"

"He did Daredevil [on Netflix] and the majority of the latest Spider-Man games for the PS4 and PS5. One of the things we talked with him about was [doing] a different variation on the Invincible theme for each title card that is reflective of the content of the episode," Racioppa said.

"We've talked a little bit about it. I don't want to spoil anything but we do have idea for how to modify or continue the theme going forward. But also to maybe change it up to represent what Mark's journey is in the second season, if we get a second season," Racciopa said.

"Obviously we can't just keep on going bloodier and bloodier and bloodier. I don't think we would want to repeat that trope across the second season. But I would expect that we want something similar, something that evolves over those eight episodes, something that gives you a reason to watch those titles even though they're very short, and something that also speaks to the events of that season."

Mark Grayson's first Invincible costume teases his future replacement, Bulletproof. Prime Video's animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman's acclaimed comics is an incredibly faithful version of the story readers already know. Invincible season 1 brought many classic moments and characters from the source material to life in a new way. This included giving Mark Grayson his standard comic costume for the majority of the first eight episodes.

Bulletproof did not appear in Invincible season 1 even though the character was part of the Guardians of the Globe auditions that occurred around the same time in the comics. This has left some mystery about when Bulletproof will appear in Invincible. The show has already removed Bulletproof from key sequences like fighting Battle Beast and Machine Head's other villains. With Invincible changing the comics in this way, it is clear that Zandale's first appearance is being delayed until later on - possibly when he will play a more central role. 041b061a72


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