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One month is the timeframe of the retention period, and one week is real-time, as scheduled by the vendor. For forensics purposes, the retention period is critical, so what would make SentinelOne better is a more extended retention period that lets you investigate logs. If you want to patch logs, you can directly call or reach out to the vendor who can provide you with the logs. If the vendor has no logs, you won't get the initial alert when the incident starts.

Star Singularity crack and patch

Dislocations as well as microcracks and grain boundaries have been previously studied in association with seismic activity during earthquakes29,30 and are responsible of reduced rock strength well below the theoretical strength of crystalline materials31. Dislocations moving at strain rates as fast as earthquake deformation rates may have an unpredictable effect on the frictional strength reduction as depicted by theoretical models for shock impacts and high speed friction32. When dislocations move at high speed the thermal softening associated with plastic deformation is hindered and brittle failure may occur33. Here we suggest that fast-moving dislocations within carbonate-bearing rocks cause the abrupt temperature increase, rock nano-fragmentation and the formations of patches of amorphous carbon that, in analogy with flash melting in the case of silicate-bearing rocks, trigger fault weakening at the initiation of seismic slip.


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