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Interdisciplinary Essays On Environment And Culture: One Planet, One Humanity, And The Media (Ecocri

Bath Spa UniversityBuilding on its long-standing strength in literature and environment, Bath Spa University is now offering an innovative interdisciplinary taught MA in Environmental Humanities. This programme is an opportunity to acquire new research skills, as you discover the challenges and rewards of integrating highly varied methodologies, resulting in more holistic forms of knowledge and understanding. Core modules taught by leading specialists, such as Sian Sullivan (environmental anthropology), Owain Jones (post-human geography) and Richard Kerridge (ecocriticism and nature writing), offer intensive introductions to new disciplinary perspectives, while maintaining a critical focus on key ideas such as the proposition that Earth has now entered a new geological era, the Anthropocene, in which human activities are altering the planet in ways that will leave their mark for millennia.

Interdisciplinary Essays on Environment and Culture: One Planet, One Humanity, and the Media (Ecocri

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This course offers students a comprehensive overview of Cuban history, politics, and culture, as well as a deeper understanding of Cuba's continued adaptation within global society. Focusing on Cuban relations with Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States, we will analyze literary works, historical essays, speeches, newspaper articles, interviews, films, and photographs in order to place Cuba's history within the current post-Cold War global environment. Using a chronological framework, students will also evaluate a variety of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Cuba's society and have the opportunity to develop their own original research and writing projects that incorporate one or more of these methods.

Environmentalism, genuine and fake, has permeated every aspect of American culture: science, art, technology, agriculture, business, ethics, politics, religion, sports, fashion and the media. Locally, the City of San Luis Obispo appoints an environmental coordinator as a major staff position, and the Tribune newspaper features two reporters and weekly sections devoted to Environment. At Cal Poly, numerous departments include the word in their names, including Environmental Horticulture, Environmental Engineering, and Environmental Design. Though the concentration in Environmental Studies was discontinued by the Biology department, a new interdepartmental major in Earth Science has sprung up to offer an environmental perspective on issues of natural resource conservation and management. The Provost’s Forum last year was dedicated to discussion of making Poly a green university, and the preamble of the University’s new master planning document states that environmental concerns are primary.


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