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Castor Panfilov

PROJECT: PLAYTIME - A Free Multiplayer Horror Game with 3 Monsters and 2 Maps for PC

Se trata de un juego free to play, por lo que aunque tengas que descargarlo a través del cliente de la tienda de Steam, podrás disfrutarlo gratis. Ya estás tardando en sumergirte de lleno en el mundo de Poppy Playtime!

project playtime apk pc gratis


We are 2 idiots making this game in our free time and this is our first project of this size! We would love you for eternity if you could leave us a comment here or a review on Steam!!!

Other fans have been vocal in their criticism of the developer's time and project management, commenting on the Twitter announcement. One of these comments pointed out that Project: Playtime's release window was "December 2022" until some very recent trailers specified the date, and that the title should have been thoroughly tested to pick up on these issues prior to any official release announcement being made.


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