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Upek Eikon Fingerprint Reader Software Download __HOT__

Upek is a leading company when it comes to biometric fingerprint security solutions, for both physical and logical access control. Upek fingerprint readers are integrated in Lenovo Thinkpad and Sony Vaio notebooks as well as in certain notebooks of Acer, Asus and Dell. This review is not about these built-in fingerprint readers, it is about the Upek Eikon which is a desktop USB fingerprint reader.

Upek Eikon Fingerprint Reader Software Download

Update on 26-Jul-2015: the company Upek no longer exists, through a series of mergers and acquisitions it has been acquired by Apple. If you still have Upek Eikon fingerprint reader then it is very unlikely that you will receive any support from Apple to get this device working on MS Windows or Linux.

The TCS4C sensor which is built into the Upek Eikon is a swipe sensor, which means that you have to swipe your finger over the sensor. The TCS4C is a CMOS, capacitive sensor.The Upek Eikon fingerprint reader is targeted for single user applications, such as a home desktop computer. According to Upek their fingerprint reader works on the following operating systems: MS Windows 7, Vista, XP and CE, on Linux and on Mac OS X. For this review we tested it on MS Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux 9.10 and 10.04.

.Software and functionalityWindowsFor this review we tested the Upek Eikon fingerprint reader on MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. According to Upek their fingerprint reader should also work fine under MS Windows Vista, XP and CE.

After installation you can start enrolling your fingerprints, one fingerprint is sufficient however it is recommended to enroll more than one in case of injury. The software allows you to register fingerprint templates on the harddisk or on the device (limited to 15 templates).

For this review we tested the Upek Eikon fingerprint reader on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). It is important to know that the available functionalities on MS Windows are very much reduced on Linux.

Installation on Ubuntu 9.10 is easy, all you have to do is download the Protector Suite for Linux from the Upek website (update: no longer available) and install the included .deb package. Next to packages for Ubuntu and Debian, software versions for other Linux distributions such as Fedora core 10 and Mandriva Linux are available. Upek does not provide software which is compatible with the latest Linux Distribution versions, but as you will see in the section for Ubuntu 10.04 there exist alternatives for more recent distributions.

After installing the package on Ubuntu and rebooting your computer, you first have to enroll one or more fingerprints. To enroll you go to System > Administration > Fingerprint Enrollment, you have to scan each finger you enroll at least 5 times. From then on you can use your fingerprint reader for login, to unlock the gnome screensaver and even to sudo in a shell. However your fingerprint will not unlock the gnome keyring, so to enter for example a wireless secured network you will still have to enter a password at each login.

When using Fingerprint GUI the fingerprints are saved on your computer harddisk, and not on the device. This increases the risk that someone gains access to the files containing your fingerprints. Since Fingerprint GUI only uses the fingerprint reader for access control to the computer and not to websites or for encryption of private data this is currently not a concern.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price After only having this product which works eikon upek, I found out the company that acquired the company that makes it and the eikon upek has decided to end production and support starting in Dec, I had to just give up on this product.

There is little technical information available on the type eikon upek encryption used by Upek to store these data and this is still a Eikon upek device with all locks and keys placed close together, in most of such cases it takes only a few hackers with some spare time to figure out how it works.

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