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The meaning of CoupleSets ring

A little outdated in recent years Engagement still has significance in relation to the potential spouse and also to the family. Engagement is a promise to marriage, starting from the day of engagement up to the wedding. The wedding typically takes place after a year.

History of the engagement ring

Do you think the big day will be upon you and that he'll put the ring on your hand? However, one question remains unanswered. What does it mean to wear or put the engagement the ring on which finger?

In ancient times it was commonplace to brides to wear their engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand. The Vena Amoris, also known as the vein of Love was believed to connect this finger directly with the heart. The bond was more fervent and romantic.

The habit persists despite the fact that everyone knows that it's a lie. Today, the bride's engagement ring is always worn on the left ring finger. After the wedding ceremony the wedding ring is typically placed on the right finger.

Thirty years ago when I was engaged, it was a time to reflect to make sure that the spouses were able to live together. It also was, and this is not insignificant, the opportunity to present the promise to the family.

It is still a common practice for people to give and choose an engagement ring to someone they love. We can have a small party on the occasion of the engagement, however, very often, this celebration is held in a smaller circle of family members like siblings, parents and siblings. The couple who are engaged aren't necessarily religious, but the engagement has become a tradition.

The engagement ring is constructed from silver or white gold, however it can be made from platinum to ensure its durability.

How to select an engagement ring

You've decided to get married, it is obvious. You'll need to go through a few steps before are able to enjoy the moment you have been waiting for. Among them, that of choosing the engagement ring, meaning you will love it for the rest of your life.

Are you going to opt for a high-end model? A solitary ? You might decide to give away a ring that was worn by your mother or grandmother. Each engagement ring has its own meaning... The rose gold engagement ring as well as the diamond engagement ring can be selected based on the style or shape she likes. The design of the ring may differ however the appeal remains.

Bezel set, halo, claw or cathedral setting, there are various ways to highlight a beautiful stone, particularly diamonds on an ring. This is a discussion of solitaire and accompanied solitaires or trilogies when there are three stones side by side and of the same size. Rail or grain, pave French or Castle setting the white gold engagement ring and its precious stones set within the ring form a part of the jewelry provided.

Elegant and elegant without being extravagant The models can be embellished with gemstones on the entire or a portion of the ring, if desired. The sapphire, the ruby, emerald and diamond engagement ring, for example is one of the most timeless classics of jewelry. Each stone has its own meaning, for example the diamond symbolises innocence and purity The emerald symbolises true love; the opal represents hope; the pearl represents longevity and health and the sapphire is a symbol of loyalty and wisdom.

The precious metal used will have significance for the engagement ring, such as the precious or semi-precious stones selected and the overall design of the jewel. Diamond engagement rings are the most well-known combination. They represent eternity and symbolize love. Ruby red represents the joy of the union and the passion of the newlywed couple. This precious stone is rare and unique, making it a special piece of jewelry.

The engagement ring means timelessness

The meaning of the engagement ring is the 4Cs

Whatever your budget, know that the components of the engagement ring will determine the cost of the ring. You might have heard of the "4C rule" when it comes to choosing the right stones Carat Weight of the precious gemstone Cut: the quality of the cut. Clarity : number of inclusions within the stone (the smaller the number, the higher the quality) Color: the color of the diamond. The range of colors is from D for white to M for yellowish. Thus, to obtain the price of the ring it is essential to consider these features for each than stone. The design you choose and its complexity will have an impact on the rarity of the engagement ring, which is a criterion for varying the price to pay.

The formalization of love

Whatever amount you're willing to invest, the engagement ring will be the most effective way to show your love. It is the first symbol of your marriage and must reflect your joy as well as the love of his. The jewelry should be durable and diamonds are the most durable precious stone.

The wedding rings and engagement rings

Yellow gold metal for the engagement ring is typically recommended, particularly if you are planning to pair it with white gold for the wedding ring that is also a precious metal. There isn't a strict standard in this area, especially as uses tend to gradually change. As natural diamonds of large size become increasingly rare, a stunning cut stone is a good option if you're looking for your engagement band to make the largest impression possible in comparison to a more understated wedding band.

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