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El vocalistener no funciona o al menos después de un pequeño rato. Comencé un proyecto en el como lo indicaba y en efecto, se pudo pero luego de un tiempo cada vez que quería poner otra pista (por supuesto en formato .wav) me aparecía (y hasta la fecha) una ventana, que luego de traducirla me indicaba algo acerca de la falta de memoria. Bueno, solo quería saber si alguien más ha tenido este problema o si hay gente que sabe resolverlo :T (P.D. Esta es una captura de pantalla en la que se muestra dicha ventana )

Vocalistener Zip Torrent Downloa

If you want to know more:Officially (in legal VOCALOID Editor), only English, Japanese and Chinese are officially maintained and updated. Korean and Spanish were abandoned in older versions (spanish UI was then updated by fans until today).Most translations are done by fans, and in most cases you can only find them by downloading a copy of VOCALOID Editor FE.If you buy an original copy of VOCALOID Editor, only would include English and Japanese language interface.---------------------------------------Si quieres saber mas:Oficialmente, en el VOCALOID Editor legal, solo ingles, japones y chino son mantenidos y soportados oficialmente. Coreano y Español fueron abandonados en versiones muy antiguas (aunque la UI española fue actualizada por fans hasta hoy).La mayoria de las traducciones fueron hechas por fans, y en la mayoria de los casos solo puedes conseguirlas descargando una copia de VOCALOID Editor FE.Si compras una copia de VOCALOID Editor legalmente hoy, solo incluiria el idioma de interface (UI) Ingles y Japones.

Uhm...I have some problem hereI downloaded some VST from the day before and it worked completely fine, however, today when I open Vocaloid4 it appeared the caution: "application has stopped working" no matter how I tried, there is some problem with the VSTHost...I know there was someone have this kind of problem before and I followed the method to fixed it, but it doesn't work. I've deleted all the VSTplugin files, and reinstall the programn, but it still can not be fixed...Is there any other way to fix this problemn? Or it can only be fixed by reset the computer?Please, help me...

Sorry but I'm having a similar problem to the two comments on the top. I downloaded and installed the most recent V4 editor and now I can't open V4 at all (this even effects older versions too). I only managed to oped it twice before it began to show the error message " VOCALOID4 EDITOR MFC APPLICATION has stopped working" and a message saying windows will notify me if a solution is available. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything that came with previous editors such as the MS Visual C++ but nothing.Please help D:


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