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Buy Alpaca Sweater

Probably, you've been thinking over and over about buying an Alpaca Sweater but, for some reason, you haven't made up your mind yet... Maybe you feel seduced by this well-known luxury fiber, its buttery softness and natural sheen (it looks and feel so elegant!), or maybe you want to be part of the selective group that wear and recognize that the best alpaca garments are still knitted in Peru, home of the largest herd of alpacas in the world.

buy alpaca sweater

Part of the Peruvian heritage that makes these items so exclusive and precious are the ancient confection techniques used.We know that buying an article this lush may sometimes seem a little bit expensive, but let us explain why we think it is worth it. Think of it in this way: it took an entire year to breed and care for the silky alpaca wool used in the alpaca sweater, which will, by the way, last a lifetime... So forget about cashmere; alpaca yarn is one of the strongest natural fibers since it does not thin out as other fibers do, so any alpaca items (especially your next Alpaca Sweater) will always be soft and cozy for many years.

Such lush, soft and timeless clothing may seem expensive... but trust us, it will be totally worth it! Better to buy a durable alpaca sweater than a bunch of replaceable ones. In any case, to help smooth things over, check out the amazing prices on our website! Save an extra 25% on Alpaca Sweaters. Use Coupon SWEATERSBLOG

This is how you know you got yourself a high-quality alpaca garment: Fine quality alpaca fibers should be buttery soft and sleek, presenting a natural sheen that gives the garment and elegant look.

Find the latest Alpaca sweaters for 2022 in our sweater section for men and women. We have many new styles in beautiful, seasonal colors that are both modern & timeless.Do check out our latest Baby Alpaca sweaters at and create the best outfit for every occasion or if you have any questions email us at [email protected]

Our next door neighbor is a knitting/crocheting fiend and we have promised to bring back baby alpaca wool for her to knit. I also would like to get some nice sweaters for myself while there. Any suggestions on where to pick up nice baby alpaca sweaters and wool in Arequipa? Thank you.

There is a little arcade just off Calle Santa Catalina, just a couple of blocks from the (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-67223540', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');Plaza de Armas. With the Plaza behind you, the arcade is on the left. There are a couple of alpaca stores in the arcade which sell yarn plus knitwear. Incalpaca has good sales periodically, and you could also check out the Michel factory outlet. I don't know if Michel has yarn; Incalpaca occasionally has it.

Hi! I am visiting Peru and read your blog. I went to artesenias asunta in search of your beige alpaca cardigan but could not find it. I asked the store owner and showed him a picture and he seemed really puzzled. Your post is from 2017 and I was wondering if there were a lot of cardigans of a similar style when you were there and where in the store you found it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hi Lindsey, I caught your blog via FB from mutual relatives. Your article about alpacas caught my eye as we raise alpacas. We would love to get together with you to discuss this wonderful animal and tell you about their fiber and how luxurious it really is. Not sure when you will see this or when you will be home and I know that this is very short notice but if you are home on 11/18 I will be at the Fremont library I will be show casing my product there. If you will be arriving at a later date we would be happy to show you around our farm. Give Kurt a call he will have our number. Sally & Paul Bellile

We adore this classic yet casual alpaca sweater. With a flattering cropped design, it's made for your everyday. The rib pattern, minimal button front, and cozy light feel make it a wardrobe staple. Alpaca wool is long lasting and resistant to pilling, and doesn't have the scratchiness of some other wools. The shearing process poses no harm to the alpacas, and their effective grazing habits actually reduce the environmental impact.

Alpaca fiber has been around for centuries mostly in the Andean regions of Bolivia and Peru and alpacas are part of South American culture. Now quickly becoming more popular around the world for its high quality and sustainability you will find alpaca wool sweaters and accessories in the main runway shows of New York, Paris and London.

The alpaca is a domesticated animal which is descended from the Andean vicuña, a wild South American camelid which is considered to have the softest, and certainly the most expensive wool in the world. They have been bred since before the Inka times to have super thick coats. Llama wool is much coarser and used more for making rope and sacks and practical items than for garments that people wear.

So in terms of desirability and softness, vicuña wool is king, but the cost is prohibitive for most people. Baby alpaca is the next most desirable, and you will find many, many places offering garments made from baby alpaca fibers. As mentioned before, many of these items are mislabeled and are not 100% baby alpaca.

Try our timeless Canadian designed cable knit turtle neck sweater and stay warm this fall and winter! Alpaca wool is a natural product that is light weight, soft, lustrously smooth and luxurious. Available in 3 sizes: Small - 20" long, 22" shoulder, 20" sleeves Medium - 20" long, 22" shoulder, 21" sleeves

Sol Alpaca is an exclusive brand of Michell & Company, the leading alpaca producer and exporter in the world since 1931 and is also the name of the chain of stores located in the main cities of Peru.

Discover the difference of Alpaca with AlpacaTek, the first high-performance alpaca collection. Featuring softer than cashmere, breathable, and moisture wicking base layers, tees, and lightweight layers. Find the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe.

Honestly the best baselayer I have ever owned! I work outdoors - I am a Home Care nurse. I have tried different brands and types of baselayer but not made with pure baby alpaca. This company makes QUALITY and COMFORT - well worth the price! I take care of my patients very well - I deserve to have the best clothing to keep me warm and comfortable all throughout my visits in all 4months of brutal winter here in Saskatchewan. Truly a very good investment!

These scarves are so soft and so warm, words fail to do them justice. I am in the process of upgrading my wardrobe and these scarves are my favorite additions by far. Will definitely purchase more alpaca items from Alpacas of Montana. Very pleased all around!

We purchase hand-spun/hand-dyed alpaca yarn, children's alpaca clothing, alpaca baby booties, alpaca scarves, artwork, etc. from craft artists in the U.S. See our Artist Showcase link to learn about that program. We offer a consignment service for artists who produce more expensive items such as capes, wraps, some scarves, etc. These items can also be seen in our Artist Showcase.

We purchase yarn, blankets and socks from U.S. mills. We also buy some items from Canada. We have plans which may have us soon purchasing raw alpaca fiber from U.S. farms. We are also currently seeking new sources of commercial American alpaca yarn on commercial quality cones for use in making socks, scarves, etc.

Most of our higher end designer items are designed by American designers but made in Arequipa, Peru, the world's capital for Alpaca clothing with hundreds of years of skill in working with alpaca. It is currently quite difficult for U.S. mills to produce high end sweaters, jackets and coats which can compete with Peruvian in quality and of course price.

Each late spring, as it begins to get hot, alpacas are shorn for their annual 'clip'. Alpacas are a domesticated animal. The annual shearing is completely natural for them and the animals are notably more comfortable after their annual 'hair cut'.

Our store is very "dynamic" in that we get in new products all the time and are always seeking new and interesting items which use and promote the use of alpaca! The inventory changes frequently so we found a print catalog would not properly reflect what we have in stock. We no longer print catalogs but maintain all the current inventory on our online website. Stocks are kept up to date as best as possible so you will always know what is available for purchase at any time.

Baby alpaca is an industry term, which relates to the fineness of the fibers that went into that particular garment or product. There are several fineness grades of alpaca fiber. The grade of fineness is not necessarily related to the age of the animal from which the fleece came. Baby alpacas (called crias) typically do have very fine fleeces. As alpacas age, the fineness of their fiber tends to decrease. Through selective breeding, there are adult alpacas that continually produce fiber, which grades at baby or finer. As alpaca producers this is a quality that we strive to produce.

Royal baby is the finest grade of alpaca fleece. Products made from royal baby are very expensive because there are only small amounts of this grade of fiber produced in the world. Baby is the next finest grade. It is very fine and feels wonderful in garments worn next to the skin. Superfine is the third grade and is not quite as fine as baby alpaca, but is still very soft and luxurious. There is a large supply of alpaca produced in this fineness grade. Many of our luxurious garments are made from superfine alpaca. The coarser grades of alpaca fiber are called adult or coarse and are used primarily for rugs, outerwear and other products not worn next to the skin. Some inexpensive alpaca products may actually be produced from the coarser grades of alpaca. Adult alpaca is still nice and has all of the wonderful qualities of the finer grades of alpaca. It just isn't as soft and may feel a bit prickly if worn next to the skin. The durability of the coarser fibers is superior to the finer fibers. 041b061a72


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