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Did anybody watch the video? These aren't glass steps, just another form of open risers which are in many places. This instead put a piece of glass as a riser instead of having them open, most likely to meet codes for egress. I haven't looked into codes for government buildings, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were less lenient for safety. Normally stairs have to have a riser unless it is not included as a means of egress during a fire or other emergency in public buildings.

I see nothing wrong with these stairs, as the steps themselves are solid. Why, then, do we not here an outcry for most every apartment building with open riser stairs? They don't even have the luxury to take an elevator. It's easier to criticize something that's nice than something that isn't. You wouldn't see the same uproar over a public building that wasn't so nicely designed.

This government building would be Brad Pitt. The apartment buildings I refer to would be your neighbors. Not the best analogy but I hope you see where I'm coming from. Something can only be so nice before people try to pick it apart and find flaws.

What about people in wheelchairs? Babies? Robots? The truth is not nearly 50 percent of the population wears skirts or dresses, but you, Judge Lynch, are seemingly (by word choice and body language) holding the entire other 50 percent accountable. If we had mature people who wouldn't let every little thing turn them into a victim, we wouldn't have that building. If we had mature people running our judiciary system, they'd be wearing pants. 041b061a72


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