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Buy Private Jet Online

Instantly book an entire private aircraft as well as seats on a private jet seamlessly through the XO mobile app. Our technology makes it possible to book 2,400 private jets on your phone. Our service makes it perfect.

buy private jet online


When you consider everything that comes with flying commercial - the long security lines, inevitable flight delays, crowded cabins, limited food options, mass confusion at baggage claim, and the added safety concerns - it's no surprise that so many frequent flyers opt to fly private. While booking a charter flight is always easy to do with XO, doing so as an XO Member offers many additional benefits, such as improved cancellation terms, priority boarding, and exclusive brand partner benefits. Plus, all unused funds are fully refundable.

One of our featured partners, Monticello Motor Club, imagines a private track of smooth race-grade asphalt for automotive aficionados to put the pedal to the metal, just 90 minutes outside of NYC. The Monticello Motor Club is a country club for driving enthusiasts with a 4.1-mile racing circuit with 22 turns and three track configurations.

The cheapest new private jet on the market is the Cirrus Vision Jet, with a price point starting around $2 million. Other very light jets, including the HondaJet HA-420, the Embraer Phenom 100, the Eclipse 500 and Cessna Citation Mustang can cost less than $5 million. For older-model aircraft, some earlier Learjets still in operation have sold for $200,000 and under.

There are many things to consider when starting the process of buying an aircraft, everything from the conditions of the market to the conditions of a plane. Legal concerns, tax concerns, maintenance concerns, any liens against the aircraft or financial concerns. The best place to start to help alleviate all those matters is by working with an expert in the industry.Just as you would not buy a house or property without a real estate broker, you should not buy a private jet without a jet broker. Each of the reputable aircraft brokers and brokerages that list planes with have pages with their listings and contact information, including more than 100 aircraft dealers and brokers based in the United States, and many more aircraft dealerships located internationally. Click here to access our aircraft listings by dealer section.

In addition to the cost of purchasing a private jet, an aircraft owner also needs to consider the cost of keeping the plane in the sky. Operating costs for a private jet include everything from maintenance plans and repairs to storing the jet, keeping it fueled, and paying for flight staff. This can be done through a management company handing aircraft operations or a corporate flight department, among other options, depending on your scope or your need.These costs can range widely and run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. While you can consult with experts, including your aircraft broker, about what operating costs will run on a specific private jet model, this should be discussed within the research phase of planning your private jet purchase and be determined as you move closer to choosing the best private jet for sale for you.

The cost of Jet A to fuel private jets and turbine aircraft can fluctuate between different regions of the company and is generally based off the price of crude oil. tracks aircraft fuel prices at airports around the country and is considered the most up-to-date source for aircraft fuel prices.Click here to see FBO fuel prices by region across the United States in the Airport Resource Center.

Cuban, who has since added two more private planes to his collection, is not the only billionaire who thinks the purchase is worth it. Self-made billionaire Oprah Winfrey says her No. 1 indulgence is a private jet.

At the end of the day, "time is the one asset we simply don't own," Cuban wrote for Men's Fitness. That's why a "brutally expensive" private plane that "saves me hours and hours" is completely worth the price.

The DTOPS website lets you place orders and pay online for Annual User Fees (Commercial Vehicles, Private Vessels, and Private Aircraft) and Single Crossing Fees (Commercial Vehicles) associated with crossing the border into the United States. Transponders are used for commercial vehicles while decals are used for private aircraft and private vessels (30 ft+). Single crossing fees apply only to commercial vehicles.

If you have a large inventory of commercial vehicles, private aircraft, or private vessels, then you will likely have a better user experience using a desktop or large tablet, due to the tables that are used to display some of the information.

Yes. A corporate / company aircraft or vessel is eligible for a decal and is considered to be a "Private Aircraft" or "Private Vessel" as long as passengers do not pay a fare. The same is true of an aircraft or vessel that is owned by an individual - it is considered to be "private" as long as passengers do not pay a fare.

Although it is possible to pay a crossing fee at a U.S. border station, paying for an annual or single crossing fee online decreases the amount of time that an individual needs to spend at the station, expediting their entry into the United States by automating the fee transaction process.

Decals are stickers that are placed on all private aircraft and private vessels (30 feet or more in length) as proof that the User Fee for entry into the U.S. has been paid for the calendar year. Any arriving vessel or aircraft that does not have an annual decal will be required to pay the non-refundable User Fee and complete an application, which will be forwarded to the processing center. The application will be processed, and a decal will be mailed from the processing center. A decal expires on December 31st of its issue year. A new decal is issued whenever the decal is renewed.

Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(e)(3), this Privacy Act Statement serves to inform you of the following concerning the collection of information on the Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS) website for the payment of user fees for commercial vehicles, private aircraft and private vessels.

PURPOSE: The purpose for soliciting this information is to allow the purchase of border-crossing transponders or decals for commercial vehicles, private vessels and aircrafts, and to allow the payment of the commercial vehicle single crossing user fee via the secure DTOPS website. The DTOPS website provides a convenient method to pay for either a border-crossing transponder or decal or a single crossing user fee. Paying online via DTOPS improves wait times by allowing carriers to pay the user fee online prior to arriving at the border.

DISCLOSURE: Providing this information is required for those commercial truck, private vessel or aircraft carriers who voluntarily choose to pay online the annual transponder or decal, or the single-crossing user fee. Carriers that choose not to purchase an annual transponder or decal or to pay the user fee online will continue to have the option to pay the user fee upon arriving at the port. By submitting your PII in applying for a DTOPS account, you are giving CBP permission to use the information for a specific, stated purpose, i.e., to obtain the benefits of creating a DTOPS user account.

In our comparison of over 65 variables of private jet cards and prepaid programs, we cover a plethora of key differences. Find questions to ask yourself and the vendors before you sign on the dotted line.

A recent Wheels Up presentation shows the broad market has 20,000 private planes and over 1,900 operators in the United States. A narrower view comes from Tuvoli, a B2B payment solutions provider launched by rival Directional Aviation. Its analysis shows 10,970 charter aircraft, from large Gulfstream jets to air ambulances and floatplanes in Alaska. If you focus only on jets and exclude the fractionally-owned fleets, you are down to 3,314 aircraft potentially available for charter from 549 operators.

Out of that, there are only 66 operators with more than 10 jets on their Part 135 certificates. That leaves 483 operators with 10 or fewer jets for hire, including 380 with five or less, and 149 operators with a single private jet for charter.

The next time you see a broker crowing about having access to 5,000 or 10,000 private jets on their website, keep in mind that to be a broker, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and subscriptions to a couple of online marketplaces listing the charter aircraft.

Greg Johnson, CEO of Tuvoli, is a veteran of the private aviation technology space. He points out aircraft availability is constantly in flux. For example, scheduled maintenance, which is based on hitting a specific number of flight hours or cycles, might need to be moved up if there is a surge of flights.

Airline fleets average 10 to 12 hours per day, according to ICAO. According to JetNet IQ, privately private aircraft average less than one flight hour per day. That includes the floating and fractional fleets, which average around three hours per day.

Those who survived are thriving in the face of giant online booking websites like Expedia and Travelocity. A large number of them are agents who focus on luxury, particularly serving UHNW consumers. Their customers are the same demographic who charter private jets.

Virtuoso, a network of luxury travel agencies, saw group revenues triple to over $25 billion annually in the decade prior to the pandemic. Whether or not digitized private aviation can meet the expectations of well-heeled clients who want to buy online remains a good question. Private aviation is a highly regulated, complicated industry, however, consumers with the most infrequent experience in chartering private jets are the segment likely to be the target of digital sellers.

When I confronted the various offenders, I received a range of reactions. Some told me they are always fine-tuning the data filters. But where does it come from? Most admitted it was a feed from an online directory or marketplace, while some said it was integrated with reams of proprietary data they had collected or additional software they had developed. 041b061a72


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