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Dostana [1980 €? FLAC]

And also, Dharam-hema were definitely not yet married at the time.The film got released sometime in the latter months of 1980, which suggests that filming might have started as far back as 1979(cus its a very expensive and detailed movie) or even early 1980 as the case may be.Dharam and hema got married on May 2nd, 1980, but of cos, obviously, their real-lfe love had already blossomed to the peak at the time..But one thing is sure, they weren't married yet.Lets just say, its a mere coincidence of Professionalism with a little bit of OFF-SCREEN lovey-dovey of!

Dostana [1980 – FLAC]

by VISHAL DWIVEDI :first i hv to tell you ... I WATCHED THIS MOVIE MORE THAN 400 TIMES ... IM A DAMN HARDCORE FAN OF IT ... even for this movie i meat to ravi chopra to saying thanks for making this fantastic movie ( my god i think fantastic word is smaller for it ) nd secand .. who says this movie is a floopbuster .........i have some prooves ...1. 20 march 1980 ... this movie released ... for some more releases this movie didn't get attention of audience but after this its become a blockbuster of that time ..... 2. my grandmother traveled 1500km. for watch this ... that tym cost of ticket of this movie was 125/-rs. (not in black , only coz huge crowd busted their for watch dis)3. i saw the record of year 1980 which is also proves that this movie was bumper blast on office im so sad to see everyone have wrong information about business of this movie ... please update your information .... and i will say one more thing ... b.r.chopra's print, moserbear's print, shemaroo's print ... all these prints have cut of some other editworks .. none of it have complete version of it .... i think only i have full extended unrated unspoofed version coz mr.chopra gifted me this version in VHS tape ..... presently im going to upload this print on internet with permission of mr.chopra for anyother information about this movie please contact me :

Coming to villain, look of villain matters and Danny Denzongpa had one of the most fearsome villain look. Burning Train(1980), Dhund(1973), Andar Bahar(1985), Jawab (1985) and 36 Ghante (that monkey faced Dilawar Khan) were best of villain roles of Danny. Burning Train villain was full of jealousy whereas 36 Ghante's Dilawar was a cold-blooded ruthless killer. Danny and also Amjad Khan of Sholay (1975), Muqaddar ka Sikander (1978)and Inkaar (1977)were two of best villains of Bollywood in 70's decade. Pran and Madan Puri had their own style as shown in Gumnaam (1967), Deewar (1975)and Gaddar (1973). Even Amitabh was an excellent villain in 1st half of Don(1978) and mona darling fame Ajit had his own style but none of them looked cruel and ruthless like Danny and Amjad Khan. Amjad Khan and Danny were slim in 70's. The way Danny shoots the coca-cola man Deven Varma in 36 Ghante (1971) or the way in which Amjad Khan aka Gabbar threatens Sanjeev Kumar when he is imprisoned-chill in the spine-Two best villains Bollywood has seen

Yes this movie is one of my favorites too. Though it was released in the year 1980 ( when I was around 10) , I saw this movie in 1984.Indian middle class during these time mostly used to travel in trains and yes Indian Railways was everyone favorite.There are a few snippets I want to share:The route taken by this train is the same route followed by the current 12952 New Delhi - Mumbai Rajdhani Express which covers this distance of 1385 kms in 16 hrs 10 minutes, with average speed touching 90 kmphIf you closely watch this movie , Iftekar reprimands to Vinod Khanna as how he can send a message across to the passengers on the burning train when train is speeding at "sau meel" means at 160 kmph.Indian Railways made this a reality after 36 years when "Gatiman Express" made it a reality , when it clocked this speed between New Delhi and Agra.I remember having read in newspaper then that the producers of this film did not pay Indian Railways for renting the rakes.May be poor Ravi Chopra exceeded the budget and had to use train models in the climax seen.Danny Denzongpa prophecy in this movie that in future Indian moving to upscale incomes will shift to planes from trains, which is what is happening now. 350c69d7ab


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