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Jose Lim


below is a list of the structures contained in a mtk folder:


nametypedescription pbs_rootdirectoryroot directory of the sector allocation bitmap(s) namefilefile name iblockfilei/o block tabfiletrack number(s) and start sector number markfileposition(s) of side information of dvd-video(r/rw) stafilestart sector number(s) espfileend sector number(s) srtfileregion trailer(s) albfilealignment(s) dvtfiledvtt(r/rw) dv9filecomposite dvt(r/rw) spdfileside information(s) rdsfileregion descriptor(s) prmfileprogram information(s) regfileregion information(s) vidfilevideo frame information(s) dirfiledirectory drvfiledrive(s) sltfilesecure log bitmap(s) wadfilewad(s/rw)

this schema is used for mtk dvd+r/rw's with 2048k, and disk(s) with storage capacity: 16gb, 32gb,.. or more. dvd+r/rw's are used to read and write data, while dvd-rw's and dvd-r's are used to read and write data. both dvd+r/rw's and dvd-rw's and dvd-r's are used to play mp3 files, while dvd+r/rw's are used to play mp4 files.


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