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A Lion Fokin
A Lion Fokin

L Mukherjee World History Pdf Free Download

This volume will enable future scholars to chart path of global health in terms of the historical intellectual, political, and institutional context in which it has developed, including the powerful effect of Cold War political environments on global health. It will also provide both conceptual and methodological tools to situate new theoretical developments within the context of this history. The book offers the first comprehensive historical account of what a global health discipline entails. It argues that for the discipline to grow and diversify, it must be less attentive to those who do not fit the global city and more attuned to those who are marginalized by the process of globalization.

l mukherjee world history pdf free download


In the chapters in the book we have used the study of public health history to make claims about the future of global health. We have endeavored to produce work that avoids policy mistakes and, more pragmatically, to contribute to evidence-based policymaking. Each chapter begins with a clinical case, in which we consider historical explanations of the epidemiological emergence of a major disease or idea. We then trace the development of the topic and present a series of case studies, through which we examine historical structures, political circumstances, and normative arguments underlying a controversy. The last section of each chapter takes a longer look at global health governance, highlighting the historical dynamics that have shaped global health in the 20th century and into the 21st. It analyzes the cultural, political, and economic forces that have shaped the types of norms and institutions essential to international collaboration and suggests ways that scholars can apply historical analysis to contemporary issues in global health and medicine.


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