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Levi King
Levi King

Managing The Professional Service Firm Mobi Download Book _HOT_

Tom believes that we are all part of one industry, whether we label it manufacturing, finance, or healthcare: professional services. In this brief book, he argues that thinking and acting like a professional services firm is the best (only!) way to add value to our products, companies, and careers. Here are his 55 key ideas culled from his 30-plus-year career as a preeminent management thinker, to help make that happen for you.

Managing The Professional Service Firm Mobi Download Book

First published as a handout to serve as a lead-in to Tom's trio of books about Reinventing Work, BrandYou50, PSF50, and Project50, this ebook gives the basic tenet upon which those books are based: The work [you do] matters. Turn yourself into a brand known for quality work, your department into a professional service firm that does work worth paying for, and every project you touch into one that Wows!


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