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Audrey 2 Prop Buy

The entire movie was filmed on the largest sound stage at Pinewood Studios in England. The set was dubbed the "the 007 stage" due to its grandiosity. The "Suddenly Seymour" number was shot on this stage, which proved so large that various heating issues resulted on set. When breathing, condensation from the actors would appear on screen due to the difficulty heating the set properly, so the actors held ice-cubes in their mouth to prevent their breath from showing.

audrey 2 prop buy

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Two different sized Audrey II props were used for the making of the iconic "Suppertime" number. When the plant is seen alone in Mushnik's shop, it is much smaller than it appears on-screen. To force perspective, the flower shop set was made much smaller to make the plant appear quite large.

The much larger prop used for the part where Audrey II interacts with Seymour and Mushnik, a fully-scaled model was used to match the height of the actors. The larger prop did not come equipped with lip-movement and was only designed to swallow Mushnik's mechanical limbs.

This plant is closer to life-size than the other one - the coffee can it's squatting in is vastly undersized (and also given a generic "COFFEE" logo, rather than bothering to license official Maxwell House art), but the plant itself is just a little smaller than the real prop.

Wardrobe and props were obtained from New York thrift shops in order to attain a period realism. The most difficult items to find were garbage cans, so set decorator Tessa Davies drove around in a truck filled with new cans, and whenever she saw an old one outside of someone's home, she stopped and offered to trade. "People thought I was crazy!" she remarked.

All the scenes were filmed at Pinewood Studios in England, including what was then the largest studio set in the world, the "007" stage. They did not want to shoot on location, because it would ruin the fantastical mood of the film. Part of the giant 007 stage was used to film the "Suddenly Seymour" number. Due to its size, the stage was impractical to heat properly and thus caused breath condensation to appear. This was countered by having the actors put ice cubes in their mouths.

This movie and the movie Aliens (1986) were both being shot at the same time in adjacent sets at England's Pinewood Studios. In a interview by several actors from Aliens, it was stated about a on set accident involving James Remar. Apparently his prop gun was actually loaded with real ammo. When he shot the gun it blew a hole onto the set of Little Shop of Horrors. Luckily nobody was hurt in the accident.

The song "Some Fun Now" was adapted from the song from the Off-Broadway show "Ya Never Know." Four other songs ("Closed for Renovation," "Mushnik & Son," "Now (It's Just the Gas)," and "Call Back in the Morning") were cut from the score and one, "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space," was written for the film. Howard Ashman and Alan Menken wrote and proposed two songs to be used during the end credits: the ballad "Your Day Begins Tonight" and "Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon." These were dropped in favor of a medley of songs from the score.

The opening number/theme song has a very bright, bouncy and upbeat melody, and very dark lyrics. The song sounds like the background music at a 60s sock-hop; and yet the lyrics are a very dark, doom and gloom prophecy.

This musical comes with a lot of props and a lot of big scene changes with Audrey 2. While I know how difficult moving props can be, (I was in the crew for Addams Family two years ago), there has to be a way to make the changes go faster. The audience quickly lost interest, and it took them a few minutes to win the audience back. Would more crew members help, or could even more of the cast pitch in?

Worry no more about those "hard to find" pieces for your production of "Little Shop of Horrors". Orin's dentist chair and gas mask are now available to rent as extra accessrories for a successful production! Separate props contract and additional fees required.

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