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[S7E9] Old Friends Not Forgotten

Tano thanks Anakin for the support, and he replies that it's what friends are for. Since she is going to face Maul, he gifts her a box containing her lightsabers. Anakin tells Ahsoka that he took care of them and that her lightsabers are as good as new. When Ahsoka finds that the blades are now blue, Anakin admits that they're even better than new, to which she smiles wryly. He tells her to capture Maul while he takes care of General Grievous. He hopes that if they are lucky, the Clone Wars will be over soon. Tano reminds him that Master Kenobi said that there is no such thing as luck. Before Anakin leaves, Tano wishes him good luck and he smiles back. Tano then turns to address Commander Rex and his men, who are boarding an LAAT gunship.

[S7E9] Old Friends Not Forgotten


*CLONE WARS SEASON 7 SPOILERS, ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE*Ahsoka Tano. Padawan of the Jedi Order.Well, at least she used to be.In every journey, there are always two forces: those who leave, and those who are left behind.And when Ahsoka made her choice, she had to leave everyone behind. Her master. Her grandmaster. Her friends. The men she commanded. Anyone who had mattered to her.This is the echo of that choice.These are the stories of those left behind.This is what happened to those beings, after Ahsoka Tano went missing. 041b061a72


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