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Print Out Temporary Blue Cross Blue Shield Card

HSBC employees needing a replacement ID card should access Blue Access for Members where they can submit a request for a replacement card to be mailed to them. Please allow 10 business days for delivery. Blue Access for Members also allows you to print a temporary ID card that can be used immediately.

print out temporary blue cross blue shield card

Blue Shield has reported a delay in the mailing of ID cards to NEW members who enrolled during Open Enrollment. The enrollment information did not load into their system because of a data error. You may print temporary ID cards from the member website. The hardcopy ID cards will be mailed to your home address and should be received no later than January 21, 2016.

Call Member Services at 855-702-0477 to request your ID number. Use the ID number to register on the Blue Shield website: the instructions to print the temporary ID card. Blue Shield Health Savings Plan and CORE

Call Member Services at 855-339-9973 to request your ID number.Use the ID number to register on the Blue Shield website: =true(disregard the Vision-only section)Follow the instructions to print the temporary ID card If you have any difficulty registering or printing an ID card, please contact Member Services for your plan.

If you have not received your new cards, you can order replacements and print temporary ID cards by logging into the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield website* and clicking ID cards on the member home page. 350c69d7ab


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