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Yerbby - Tell Me

Evann Twitchell, a senior from Columbia majoring in documentary journalism, always wanted to pursue a career in musical theatre. When she started going to the world-renowned True/False Film Fest in her hometown each year, she fell in love with documentaries as a storytelling medium.

Yerbby - Tell me


Jessica Tifase, a senior from Houston majoring in digital storytelling and double minoring in film studies and art, enrolled at MU planning to pursue journalism. Yet she discovered she wanted more creative freedom.

The Deaf America Project will essentially tell the stories of the multitude of diverse deaf communities scattered throughout the nation, and highlight how they have achieved great success in the face of adversity. This will require Yerby to travel all over the country, as he wishes to photograph deaf people of all ages and from every walk of life, to remind the mainstream world that despite their inability to hear, deaf people are human beings capable of accomplishing incredible things.

The battle for equality and recognition is always an uphill struggle, and Yerby will need plenty of help on his quest to share the stories of deaf people all around the world. He has created a GoFundMe page in order to reach out to other people who wish to help him share deaf stories. The project is still in its infancy, as Yerby requires funding to enlist the assistance of a major art production company that will promote the Deaf America Project to major media outlets and take his project to the national level, meaning more exposure, more ways to help people, and more stories to tell. Yerby is very close to making his first trip to Austin, Texas, for the Deaf America Project, and momentum is quickly building as he nears his goal and more people are starting to donate. 041b061a72


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