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Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]

^&*LoF*^!Agent_^#FreddyEffectCodeAlternate Black^0Alternate Red^9Black^8Blue^4Green^2Pink^6Red^1Teal^5White^7Yellow^3Contributed By: xXFred5460Xx 5 1Control enemiesHold shift and press ` (the button left of your 1 key). Type devmap and press enter. Type setmindtrick 4 and press enter. Now if you use the Force on enemies, you will have full control over them.Contributed By: HammeriteHeretic 3 1Doubled edged lightsaberBegin a multiplayer game with cheats on using the console (shift+tilde) and typing ''devmap *mapname*'' Choose your lightsaber, then holster it. Type ''/thedestroyer'' in the consoleContributed By: Original_spite 3 2Drive ATSTTo drive an AT-ST, open the console (shift+`) and type drive_atst.Contributed By: Crono801 4 0Fly an X-WingHold Shift and press ` (the button left of the 1 on your keyboard). Type helpusobi 1 and press Enter. Now type fly_xwing to fly an x-wing. Close the console window by holding shift and pressing ` again.Note: This code could cause your game to crash back to the desktop.Contributed By: HammeriteHeretic 2 2Hidden ModelsType in the console to get the hidden models model reborn/acrobat -Blue reborn model reborn/fencer -Green reborn model reborn/boss -Red reborn model imperial/officer -Officer in a gold shirtContributed By: Archon_Heriuss 1 4More codesAfter typing ''devmapall'' in the console, you can enter cheats. Here are all the codes god - God Mode noclip - No Clipping Mode notarget - Enemies Ignore You kill - Kill Yourself give all - All Weapons and Health/Armor at Max give health - Health at 100% give armor - Armor at 100% give ammo - Ammo at 100% give X # - Give Item X (# = amount) setForceAll 3 - All Force Powers g_saberRealisticCombat 1 - Dismemberments Contributed By: -Ashley- 1 3Npc Spawning CodesOpen the console (shift + ) and type in any of these cheats you want:EffectCodeSpawns a BartenderNpc Spawn bartenderSpawns a GranNpc Spawn granSpawns a Protocol droid that looks like C-3P0Npc Spawn protocolSpawns a RebelNpc Spawn rebelSpawns a StormtrooperNpc Spawn stormtrooperSpawns a WeequayNpc Spawn weequaySpawns DesannNpc Spawn desannSpawns GalakNpc Spawn galakSpawns Kyle's fatherNpc Spawn morgankatarnSpawns ReeloNpc Spawn reeloSpawns TavionNpc Spawn tavionContributed By: poweradefan100 7 6Single player cheatsTo enable cheats in your game bring up the console by pressing shift+the tilde() key and enter ''helpusobi 1''. Cheats are now enabled in your single player game. To use a cheat, just bring up the console, and enter it. God mode - god 999 health - undying All ammo - give ammo Full Force - give force No clipping - noclip Contributed By: EPR 3 2Skip levelsIn the game open the console(Shift and ) and write ''devmapall''.Then write ''map'' and one of the following: kejim_post kejim_base artus_mine artus_detention artus_topside valley yavin_temple yavin_trial ns_streets ns_hiedeout ns_starpad bespin_under-city bespin_streets bespin_platform cairn_bay cairn_assembly cairn_reactor cairn_dock1 doom_comm doom_detention doom_shields yavin_swamp yavin_canyon yavin_courtyard yavin_finalContributed By: fotis52 5 0Yet more cheatsIn the middle of play press the '' '' key while holding shift to get to the console window. Type in '' HelpUsObi 1 '' and press enter. Now you have the opportunity to add in any of the following cheats: - toggle #'s All Weapons - give all Force Grip - setForceGrip 1-3 Force Healing - setForceHeal 1-3 Force Jump - setForceJump 1-3 Force Lightning - setForceLightning 1-3 Force Pull - setForcePull 1-3 Force Push - setForcePush 1-3 Force Speed - setForceSpeed 1-3 Jedi Mind Trick - setMindTrick 1-3 Lightsaber Defense - setSaberDefense 1-3 Lightsaber Offense - setSaberOffense 1-3 Saber Toss - setSaberThrow 1-3 Slow Motion - timescale 5 Super Speed - timescale 2 Contributed By: BuckyzRevenge 2 0PasswordsPassword Cheats XBOXEnter these passwords at the cheats menu:EffectPasswordAll LevelsDINGOGod ModeBUBBLEInfinite AmmoBISCUITMultiplayer CharactersPEEPSPlay Bonus LevelDEMOStart With LightsaberFudgeUnlimited ForceSCOOTERUnlock First Seven LevelsCHERRYContributed By: masterpds, abeisback, Willo55, lrabbit, Daku, BuckyzRevenge, DisasterMasterX, Jobu_Dudley 2 13GlitchesPlay third person view with guns (after Yavin Trials level). XBOXAt the very beginning of the Yavin Temple or Yavin Trials level, press and hold the white or black button for six seconds or so. You have to press it while the yellow weapon select bar is visible at the bottom of the screen. This will bind a blank space as a ''quick button'', allowing you to put the saber away (not turn it off) and remain in third person view. Once you have regained your weapons (Nar Shadaa), you can equip your saber, then use the d-pad to find the blank space on the weapon select bar to put it away (empty hand). By pressing left on the d-pad, you will cycle thru the weapons in third person view. Equipping the saber will negate the glitch. (Put the saber away again to reactivate it.)Contributed By: doninss 0 0UnlockablesLevel select. NSFrom the main menu, enter D-UP, D-DOWN, L stick click, right stick click, left stick click.Contributed By: bountyhunter85 22 8Unlockables GCTo unlock just complete each specific methodUnlockableHow to UnlockAlzoc 3 and Duel Temple MapBeat Yavin FinalBespin OfficerBeat Bespin StreetsChissBeat NS StreetsConcept ArtBeat Carin AssemblyDesannBeat Yavin CourtyardDuel Pit (Duel Mode)Beat Artus DetentionGalak FyarrBeat Doom SheildsImperial Labs:RavenBeat Carin ReactorImperial WorkerBeat Artus MineJedi Trainer and Nar Shaddaa and the Streets FFA MapBeat Yavin TempleLandoBeat NS StarpadLukeBeat Carin BayPrisonerBeat Artus TopsideReeloBeat NS HideoutShadow TrooperBeat Carin DockSwamp TrooperBeat Yavin SwampTavionBeat Bespin PlatformTie PilotBeat Doom DetentionUgnaughtBeat Bespin UndercityContributed By: albino_ferret 2 0SecretsFighting Desann twice XBOXWhen you are in Yavin Courtyard, run as fast as you can to the room with the Seeker Drones. Push the red button on the right wall 5 times and Desann will appear. He is easier to fight right now than when you fight him at Yavin Final Conflict.Contributed By: MisterB 0 0Instant enemy KO GCTo easily destroy an enemy jedi, make sure you have Level 3 force grip and jump. Grip the enemy, and jump as high as possible. When at the apex of the jump, look up, and then let go of the enemy, and they will fall to the ground with an instant KO.Contributed By: DOOZLEMOMMA 1 1Secret Multiplayer SoundsTo enable the secret sounds, join a multiplayer game, and bring up the console. Type in /model *space *one of the following codes: r2d2 r5d2 protocol probe The sounds are played when you get hit or die, and you will look like the kyle model.Contributed By: FredTheFat 3 0Secret Non-Game Level: PitOpen the console by doing Shift+ (aka tilde). Then, type in "devmap pit". This should bring you to an incredibly small, white metal, place that is tall but narrow. This is where you have to finish off Tavion for good when you find out she survived your attack from the Bespin Platforms. Be careful, she's much more powerful here than on Bespin.Contributed By: mustangnate777 2 1$(document).ready(function()$('.content_ratings.voted').attr('title','You have already voted on this item.');$('.content_ratings.mycode').attr('title','You can not vote on your own contribution.');$('.content_ratings').tooltip( position: my: "left+0 center", at: "right+15 center" , tooltipClass:'tooltip'););function cheat_vote(code_id, cur_vote, vote)$.ajax(type: 'POST',url: '/ajax/gamespace_item_vote',data: vote: vote, id: code_id, type: 'code', key: '4ed8f3b4' ,success: function(response)var d = $.parseJSON(response);if(d.success)$('#'+code_id+'c'+vote).addClass('myvote');$('#'+code_id+'c'+vote+' span').text(cur_vote+1);$('.content_ratings.c'+code_id+' span').removeAttr('onclick'););Know Something We Don't?You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge.

Outcast - Second Contact [cheat]

Now and then, as - perched on some elevated bank,and plying the mysteries of his woodcraft, hewing histimber, clearing his land, or breaking the earth - theborderer rose before his glance, in the neighbourhoodof his half-finished wigwam, singing out some cheerysong of the old country, as much for the strengtheningof his resolve as for the sake of the music, the warriorwould dart aside into the forest, not only out ofsight but out of hearing, nor return again to the roadhe was pursuing until fairly removed from the chanceof a second contact. This desire, however, was notso readily indulged; for the progress of adventure andthe long repose from strife in that neighbourhood hadgreatly encouraged the settlers; and it was not so easyfor Sanutee to avoid the frequent evidences of thatenterprise among the strangers, which was the chiefcause of his present discontent. Though withoutany thing which might assure us of the nature or themood at work within him, it was yet evident enoughthat the habitations and presence of the whites broughthim nothing but disquiet. He was one of those persons,fortunately for the species, to be found in everycountry, who are always in advance of the massesclustering around them. He was a philosopher notless than a patriot, and saw, while he deplored, thedestiny which awaited his people. He well knew thatthe superior must necessarily be the ruin of the racewhich is inferior - that the one must either sink itsexistence in with that of the other, or it must perish.He was wise enough to see, that in every case of aleading difference between classes of men, either incolour or organization, such difference must only andnecessarily eventuate in the formation of castes, andthe one conscious of any inferiority, whether of capacityor of attraction, so long as they remain in propinquitywith the other, will tacitly become instrumentsand bondsmen. Apart from this foreseeing reflection,Sanutee had already experienced many of thosethousand forms of assumption and injury on the part of thewhites, which had opened the eyes of many of hiscountrymen, and taught them, not less than himself, toknow, that a people, once conscious of their superiority,will never be found to hesitate long in its despoticexercise over their neighbours. An abstractstandard of justice, independent of appetite orcircumstance, has not often marked the progress of Christian(so called) civilization, in its proffer of its great goodto the naked savage. The confident reformer, whotakes sword in one hand and sacrament in the other,has always found it the surest way to rely chiefly onthe former agent. Accordingly, it soon grew apparentto the Yemassees, that, while proposing treaties forthe purchase of their lands, the whites were never sowell satisfied, as when, by one subtlety or another, theycontrived to overreach them. Nor was it always thateven the show of justice and fair bargaining waspreserved by the new comer to his dusky brother. Theirresponsible adventurer, removed from the immediatesurveillance of society,committed numberless pettyinjuries upon the property, and sometimes upon theperson of his wandering neighbour, without being oftensubject to the penalties awarded by his own people forthe punishment of such offenders. From time to time,as the whites extended their settlements, and grewconfident in their increasing strength, did theirencroachments go on; until the Indians, originally gentle andgenerous enough, provoked by repeated aggression,were not unwilling to change their habit for one ofstrife and hostility, at the first convenient opportunity.At the head of those of the Yemassees entertainingsuch a feeling, Sanutee stood pre-eminent. A chiefand warrior, having influence with the nation, and onceexercising it warmly in favour of the English, he had,however, come to see farther than the rest of hispeople the degradation which was fast dogging theirfootsteps. To the ultimate consequences his mindtherefore gave itself up, and was now employed in themeditation of all those various measures of relief andredress, which would naturally suggest themselves toa resolute and thinking spirit, warmed by patriotismand desirous of justice. We shall see, in the sequel,how deeply he had matured the remedy, and howkeenly he had felt the necessity calling for its application.


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