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Subtitle The.Warlords.2007.CHINESE.BluRay.x264.... [NEW]

Next up is an "Inside the Actors Studio" style interview with Stephen Chow by the well researched and respectful Ric Meyers, author of "Great Martial Arts Movies" and a writer for "Asian Cult Cinema" and "Inside Kung-Fu." For the most part, his inquiries tend to be too genre specific for my taste. The opening question, "why did you open this film with violence when your other movies did not?" may interest longtime fans of Chow's work, but I really wanted a more accessible exploration of the man as a filmmaker. Having only been introduced to his body of work with 'Shaolin Soccer,' I felt lost in the heavy details of the interview. Even worse, Meyers sems to be infatuated with his own voice and views, spending most of the interview educating the audience about the nuances of the genre. On the plus side, Meyers does treat Chow with a level of awe that makes the conversation very friendly, if largely one-sided. It's certainly not a waste of time, but it will bore some viewers and a subtitled interview (rather than an attempt at an all-English discussion) might have accomplished a lot more.

subtitle The.Warlords.2007.CHINESE.BluRay.x264....

My last main stop was the subtitled commentary track with Chow and cast members (Chan Kwok-kwan, Lam Tze-chung, and Tin Kai-man) that have appeared in several of his movies. Aside from being tough to discern who's speaking at any given moment, the track is a blast with a lot of laughter and good times had by all. There are some great anecdotes, some good professional ribbing in the vein of a Kevin Smith commentary, and some careful examinations of the themes and influences of the film. Every subtitled commentary track should have the speaker's name present with each line to help sort out the conversation, but despute this compaint, it's still overall an entertaining listen. 041b061a72


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