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The Sims 4 Breast Mods

This mod allows you to simulate the breasts of your sims in an easy way. Just drag the slider to the right to increase the size, and to the left to decrease the size. It has a zoom in/out feature. Use it wisely. The simulator also has a zoom in/out feature so you can magnify the boobs.

The Sims 4 Breast Mods


This is a pretty self-explanatory mod but you should know that there is an option to make your sims boobies pop out. This makes the boobs appear bigger than their actual size. You should use this mod with caution. I suggest you use it in a savegame that you can revert.

This mod gives you the ability to create realistic-looking boobs. Drag the left side of the slider to make the sims' breasts pop out and drag the right side to close the boobs back up again. The zoom feature can help you if you want to make bigger boobs look even bigger.

The Sims 4 breast slider can be used for their breasts and for the pubic hair of a Sim. The slider itself has an option to zoom in/out, increasing or decreasing the size. Simply slide the left end forward to make the boobs pop out and slide the right to make them grow larger and retract.

There are three basic tabs in this tab. The first feature is the content tab. Here, you can change the size of the slider bar. You can toggle it on or off. The second tab is the animation tab. If you wish to make your Sims more realistic, you can change the speed of rotation of your slider. There is also an option to decrease the opacity of your slider. The last tab is the settings tab. Here, you can change the background slider settings. Furthermore, the transparency, the texture of the slider bar and the size of the drag can also be changed.


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