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How to Design Furniture with PRO100 5.20

How to Design Furniture with PRO100 5.20

PRO100 5.20 is a powerful 3D interior and furniture design program that allows you to create furniture from scratch, create your own catalogs, plan the supplies, arrange interiors and support your direct sales[^2^]. Whether you are a professional designer, a furniture manufacturer, a retailer or a hobbyist, PRO100 5.20 can help you turn your ideas into reality.

In this article, we will show you how to design furniture with PRO100 5.20 in a few simple steps.

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Step 1: Choose a project template

When you launch PRO100 5.20, you will see a list of project templates that you can choose from. These templates include different types of rooms, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office and more. You can also create your own custom template by clicking on the "New" button.

Once you select a template, you will see a 3D view of the room on the right side of the screen and a 2D view of the floor plan on the left side. You can zoom in and out, rotate and pan the views using your mouse or keyboard.

Step 2: Add furniture elements

Now that you have a room to work with, you can start adding furniture elements to it. PRO100 5.20 has a built-in catalog of furniture elements that you can access by clicking on the "Catalog" button on the toolbar. You can browse through different categories of elements, such as cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, appliances and more.

To add an element to your project, simply drag and drop it from the catalog to the desired position in the 3D or 2D view. You can also use the "Insert" menu to add elements from other sources, such as files, clipboard or scanner.

Once you have added an element to your project, you can modify its properties by clicking on it and using the "Properties" panel on the right side of the screen. You can change its dimensions, color, material, texture, style and more. You can also use the "Edit" menu to perform actions such as move, rotate, copy, paste, delete and group elements.

Step 3: Customize your design

One of the best features of PRO100 5.20 is that it allows you to customize your design in many ways. You can use the "Tools" menu to access various tools that can help you enhance your design, such as:

  • The "Lighting" tool lets you adjust the brightness and color of the light sources in your project.

  • The "Decoration" tool lets you add decorative items to your project, such as plants, paintings, rugs and more.

  • The "Text" tool lets you add text labels to your project.

  • The "Dimension" tool lets you add dimension lines and arrows to your project.

  • The "Snapshots" tool lets you take snapshots of your project from different angles and save them as images.

You can also use the "View" menu to change the way you see your project, such as switching between different modes (wireframe, solid, shaded), applying different effects (fog, shadows), changing the background color or image and more.

Step 4: Export and print your design

When you are happy with your design, you can export it to various formats for further use. You can use the "File" menu to save your project as a PRO100 file or export it as an image (JPG, BMP), a PDF document or a DXF file (for CAD software).

You can also print your design using the "Print" menu. You can choose to print either the 3D or 2D view of your project or both. You can also adjust the print settings such as paper size, orientation, scale and margins.


PRO100 5.20 is a versatile and user-friendly program that can help you design furniture with ease and creativity. You can download a free trial version of PRO100 29c81ba772


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