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[S1E16] That's My Baby

WELCOME BACK!A young mother is alone in Cincinnati. Her only friend in the world is the Doctor! She says she hears him on his show every morning and she just KNOWS she can trust him with her newborn. When she leaves the baby at the station, the little sweetie melts everyone's heart...well, everyone except Herb. She's a little standoffish when it comes to Herb. The baby has standards! Johnny gets a taste of fatherhood (and, possibly, the yellow stuff). Check it out! A young man named Danny Openden is playing the baby. We found Danny! And, even cooler, we found Danny's mom, Lori Openden! Lori has spent her life in television casting and she just happened to have a newborn when this storyline came around. Lori gave us some GREAT behind the scenes details about Danny's time on WKRP. Grab a diaper, fellow babies, it's time for a change!! Take a big bite of the green stuff, hum a little Brahm's Lullaby and hit "play" before the people from Children and Family Services get here!!WATCH ALONG DETAILS...[Want to watch along with us? It's a blast!! We highly recommend the 'Shout Factory' boxed DVD set of the entire WKRP series. For reasons you'll have to listen to in the "Prolog" episode, all streaming versions of the original "WKRP in Cincinnati" have had the original music cues removed. Generic music beds and stings were used in place of the original music for the syndicated version of the series. 'Shout Factory' has been able to restore an estimated 85% of all WKRP music cues to the original "as-aired" content for their DVD release. They've also restored scenes that had been cut to shorten episodes for syndication. The original eps ran 25 minutes. The syndication eps were shortened to 22 minutes. Over 88 episodes that's more than four hours of lost content, including the performance by "Detective" at the end of "Hoodlum Rock." Get the COMPLETE series...get the Shout Factory DVDs. The Shout Factory complete series box has a release date of 2014. All individual seasons of Shout Factory disks were released starting in 2015.]

[S1E16] That's My Baby

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The episode begins at Tina's apartment complex with Daffy standing on her porch. After ringing her doorbell multiple times, Daffy notices Tina holding a baby and believes she had a family with someone else and dumps her, until she explains to her boyfriend that the baby is her sister's son and that she's just babysitting her nephew. Daffy takes back all the stuff he said after hearing this but Tina slams the door in his face.

Soon, Daffy is home watching television when Tina rings the doorbell, in a way Daffy did earlier in the episode. It turns out Tina had to take over someone's shift at the Copy Place and needs Daffy to watch Zachary, the baby. Daffy makes up excuses until he mistakenly agrees to watch Zachary. After playing a terrible song and trying to feed Zachary clam juice, Daffy gives up and watches television with the crying baby until Zachary is interested by a trailer for the movie "Marty the Whale", starring Marty the Whale. Instead of taking Zachary to see the movie, Daffy takes him to see Guns Guts Glory instead which upsets Zachary more. After Daffy is told to leave the movie, he meets a mother who suggests a Mommy and Me class. After going to many classes, Daffy's motherly instincts kick in and soon when they meet Tina at the Copy Place, Daffy refuses to give up Zachary and begins criticizing her about taking care of Zachary.

Meanwhile, Tina and Daffy are at the park with Daffy criticizing everything Tina does to Zachary, the baby. Then while the two are fighting about Zachary, the stroller carrying Zachary rolls away, unnoticed by the pair. When they finally realize it, the stroller is heading toward the highway and Bugs and Porky driving down the road towards the stroller. Tina and Daffy chase Zachary while Bugs and Porky scream in terror. Then, Porky turns the car suddenly and crashes onto the park statue. The stroller hits the curb and sends Zachary flying until Daffy makes a heroic catch and saves the baby. Meanwhile, Porky realizes he should have gotten the insurance. Bugs is almost about to slap himself again before stopping and instead smacks Porky in the head for not listening to him.

Soon, Tina's Sister picks up her baby and when she leaves, Daffy tells Tina that he wants to have a family with her, as he knows now he wants to be a mother, then decides to become a famous frozen yogurt seller. In the end, Bugs ironically gives into a sale from Speedy Gonzales in Pizzarriba.

At the water park, Lois and Hal are trying to enjoy themselves a nice "tropical" vacation, while Malcolm and Reese are at war. Hal reveals that he sneaked some alcohol in a suntan bottle. The pranks begin with Reese embarrassing Malcolm with his nose plug. Malcolm tells Reese he will get revenge on him but Reese claims he shouldn't be such a baby, forget about it and have fun instead. But Malcolm refuses to let it go and begins Malcolm embarrasses Reese in front of April (a girl he has a crush on) and their classmates. He tricks Reese into confessing the reason he likes her. He claims that she kisses with tongue and thinks of her as a tramp. April overhears this and is so humiliated that she calls Reese a jerk. Afterwards Malcolm attempts to go down the Liquidator waterslide but chickens out and is ridiculed for his cowardice. Reese in the lineup then uses his nose plug as a slingshot to even the score. Malcolm attempts to tell his mother but she tells them to handle it themselves or be locked in the car for the rest of the day. Malcolm then tricks a lifeguard into believing that Reese is drowning. Causing a large man to give him mouth to mouth.

Back at the Wilkerson home, Dewey bonds with Mrs. White and they start enjoying many activities together. After they dance around in the kitchen to "Fernando" by ABBA, she was taken away in an ambulance, (Whether she died or not is clearly unknown) and he goes chasing after a red balloon that's being carried by the wind and winds up being lost in a Chinatown. He then follows a paper bag that's also being carried by the wind with the words "To be continued..." ending the episode.

Young people! How do we get them to the polls? Join us as we talk to Coach Carm of Coaches4Change about his grassroots movement to educate student athletes and encourage community-wide engagement. Also featuring a baby and Olympic snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler! Visit for this week's action items! 041b061a72


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