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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Empires of Ash, Time Immemorial, A Low Winter's Sun, Fire Twin, and EP. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $14.40 CAD or more (40% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Rust and Rot 09:28 lyrics buy track Across the seaSights long forbidden to meShape entropyNon euclideanCompounding dreadAtop this mountain headI stare insteadThrough oblivionThis serpent's pathCrooked and onyx blackMoves slow then fastAlong meridiansWith these words an oath is swornGrains of sand upon a shoreLet me sleepWith roots in temples deepTheir secrets keepVenerationExistence placedAmid cold death's embraceNo gods to save fromDamnationI amI wasFragments of heart and homeAs long as there is deathThere's hopeFor usLeft ossifiedI amI wasA living fossil breathing stoneAs long as there is deathThere's hopeFor usLeft ossified 2. The Middle Distance 08:10 lyrics buy track The first thing that I recallis darknessA papered over and fading memoryFor what that's worthWe liveWe dieThe reasons whyUnknown to allWho are to come and came to pastTrees tops reach outTwisted tortured handsAt long last we stare intoAnd long forThe middle distanceOnly ashes and embers remainFor fallen paupers and kingsAlways the way of thingsThe end comes we gaze intoAnd focus onThe middle distanceThe blood in time will lose its powerEvery waking and wasted hourFragile seas falling towersThe light fades we fall intoAnd join withThe middle distanceOur end is built intoOur beginningShoutingCryingScreaming 3. Hauntology 08:15 lyrics buy track The futureIs something thatshould have started long agoMy onlyhope is thatit's different from todaySeparate savioursWe are all strangersI don't even know myselfLife is overwhelmingIf there's more tolife than meets the eyeThen what earthly use am ILife is overwhelmingHow could the void be worseDestined descendingA favour at firstIn time a curseYour life is Such a horrible thingto choose to sleep through What if somedayTruly never comesand this is all that there isWhat is the oceanIf not a collection of dropsAcross seas of timeTo crash against rocksVoyaging throughStrange aeons aloneNo one comes allThe way back fromRegret the pastHate the presentIt won't lastDread the future 4. Hungry Ghosts 05:17 lyrics buy track False lights fade into darknessEmpty shadowsHungry ghostsGive a wolf your legAnd they'll ask for your armThey feed for daysSlaked swollen but starvedStone tombs decrepitInvectives long goneTheir kingdoms behind usThe world moves onCorpse stridingColossusGiganticAncient and voicelessA world that's given you everythingAnd you will never forgive itBarren roads lead toRotten churches called homeAn emptiness inside meI can never extinguishTime will destroy thoseWho are already deadAs sure as the sun risesNo need for demonsWith saints like theseGuilt touches all and baptizesBarren roads lead toRotten churches called homeAn emptiness inside meI can never extinguishBeforeOnce MoreSpiraldownwardsMy FallWill matterLeast of allNow 5. With Dead Eyes 05:26 lyrics buy track Clouds menace the horizonPlotting against the dayDawn rains long since forgottenBut their essence still remainsDoomed orchids soft and paleWretched where they lieFire flies like flecks of bloodAgainst a bruise coloured skyWith dead eyesBrought back into focusThese rotting hills proclaimCryptic graveborn edictsSeething venom and disdainBlackened time worn towersImposing where they sitWhen those hills call out for me I don't hear itI feel itA twisted tortured rictusStretched across time and spaceWith dead eyesThis sunken hollow absenceSkeletal in shapeWith dead eyesPestilent wave risingNothing in its' wakeWith dead eyesInfinity stretched before my eyesYet I can't help but live in my headWith dead eyesWhat good's a soulWhen there's no place to go about Empires of Ash offers an immersive experience into the eerie gloom. Bringing together a concoction of slow heavy chords, atmospheric synths and angst-ridden vocals, HERON attempt to make sense of a shared hollow experience."HERON is pleased to announce our third full length offering, Empires of Ash. Empires of Ash is an ode to impermanence and was created in the aftermath of the long, lonely hours of isolation. The album contains sweeping and melancholy post-metal sections intertwined with crushing doom and acidic sludge. Thank you for staring into the void with us."Combining four veterans of the independent music scene and a back-breaking amount of gear, HERON mixes post-rock textures with suffocating guitar riffs, dread-inspiring percussion, and agonizing sludge-metal vocals. No stranger to the live stage, HERON tours extensively and has played with such giants as HIGH ON FIRE, CONAN, PALLBEARER, and PRIMITIVE MAN. Empires of Ash journeys through a dynamic array of soundscapes and moods across each track. It's a haunting production delving into some of the darkest emotions brought about through an expected series of events. "Rust and Rot" begins with a dramatic sludge-fuelled build-up of percussion and guitars before emerging into a dark and heavy onslaught. "The Middle Distance" unveils an unsuspecting serene calm of lighter guitar melodies, and cymbals. It's merely the calm before the storm and the immense guitars create an enveloping atmosphere of fuzz. An enthralling sense of vastness is presented in "Hauntology", while "Hungry Ghosts" delivers a fiery attack. HERON's bitter anguish exudes through "With Dead Eyes". The instrumentation transitions into a more minimal form initially, giving space to the commanding harsh vocals. As the track progresses the power intensifies.HERON twist and turn through turbulent waters as they navigate a large scope of swirling emotions. Musically the band showcase a diverse range of styles which weave together in Empires of Ash into a harrowing narrative. $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released December 2, 2022 Jamie - VocalsRoss- GuitarScott - GuitarBina - DrumsRecorded, Mixed, and Mastered in June 2022at LRS Studios, New Westminster, BCSound Engineering: Michael KraushaarNoise and Ambient Sections: JamieAdditional Vocals: Ross and BinaCover Art: @hellish.cavCassette Layout: Eeli HelinCD Layout: JamieDedicated to all those we have lost along the way."Death stands above me, whispering lowI know not what into my ear:Of his strange language all I knowIs, there is not a word of fear."- Walter Savage Landor $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags metal atmosphere doom post-metal post-rock sludge Vancouver Shopping cart total USD Check out about HERON Vancouver, British Columbia 59ce067264


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