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El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel: A PDF Review of the Best-Selling Book on Christian Apologetics

If you are looking for a compelling and convincing case for the existence of God, you might want to read El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel. This book is the Spanish translation of The Case for a Creator, a best-selling book by a former atheist journalist who set out to investigate the scientific evidence for a Creator.


In this book, Lee Strobel interviews some of the world's leading experts in cosmology, physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and intelligent design. He asks them tough questions about the origin and design of the universe, the origin and complexity of life, the origin and information of DNA, and the origin and diversity of species. He also examines some of the challenges and objections to the intelligent design theory, such as the problem of evil, the multiverse hypothesis, and the fossil record.

What he discovers is that the scientific evidence points overwhelmingly to a Creator who is intelligent, powerful, personal, and loving. He also finds that the intelligent design theory is not a religious argument, but a scientific one that is based on observable facts and logical inference. He concludes that the Creator is not only compatible with science, but also with reason and faith.

If you want to read El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel, you can download it as a PDF file for free from various online sources . You can also buy it as a paperback or an e-book from online retailers. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you will find this book to be informative, engaging, and challenging.

One of the most fascinating chapters in El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel is the one where he interviews Michael Behe, a biochemist and a pioneer of the intelligent design theory. Behe explains how some biological systems, such as the bacterial flagellum, the blood clotting cascade, and the immune system, are examples of irreducible complexity. This means that they consist of multiple parts that are all necessary for their function, and that removing any one of them would render the system useless. Behe argues that such systems cannot be explained by natural selection and random mutations, but only by an intelligent designer who planned and assembled them.

Another intriguing chapter in El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel is the one where he interviews Stephen Meyer, a philosopher of science and a leader of the intelligent design movement. Meyer explains how DNA is not only a molecule, but also a code that contains information for building proteins and regulating cellular processes. He shows how the origin of DNA is a mystery that cannot be solved by naturalistic scenarios, such as chemical evolution or self-organization. He argues that the best explanation for the origin of DNA is an intelligent agent who encoded it with information.

A final captivating chapter in El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel is the one where he interviews Jonathan Wells, a biologist and a critic of Darwinian evolution. Wells exposes some of the flaws and weaknesses of the evolutionary theory, such as the lack of transitional fossils, the presence of vestigial organs, the occurrence of convergent evolution, and the existence of junk DNA. He also challenges some of the icons of evolution, such as the peppered moth, the finch beaks, and the human embryo. He argues that evolution is not a fact, but a theory that is based on assumptions and interpretations.

In conclusion, El Caso del Creador by Lee Strobel is a book that will challenge your worldview and make you think about the big questions of life. It will show you that science and faith are not enemies, but allies in the quest for truth. It will also show you that there is a Creator who loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. If you are interested in learning more about the evidence for a Creator, you can download El Caso del Creador PDF for free or buy it online. You can also visit the official website of Lee Strobel, where you can find more resources, videos, and articles on Christian apologetics. d282676c82


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