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Haley Crush


Haley Crush

Haley Crush became known to a greater public through her appearance as Hailie and was soon popular because of her smile and fresh look.There are two "official" websites, and Both are run by, so the content is most likely the same.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I will admit that I do develop, well, an affinity for certain NFL players each year that I think could be draft bargains or turn into superstars. No, it's not like the man crush George Costanza had on Tony in that episode of "Seinfeld." Call it fantasy man love, call it a little fantasy infatuation. Call it what you want.

Montee Ball, RB, Denver Broncos: Ball's value for next season has everything to do with the status of Knowshon Moreno. If he remains with the Broncos, well, my fantasy man crush on Ball will diminish. If Moreno leaves (as I expect), however, this kid out of Wisconsin is going to turn into a valuable asset in all fantasy leagues. While I don't see him ranking among the top five runners like Moreno did last season, Ball could be a No. 2 playing in an offense with Peyton Manning.

The policeman, a 55-year-old officer identified only by his surname, Jeong, was in charge of intelligence affairs at the Yongsan district police station, which oversees the area where the crowd crush took place. 59ce067264


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