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Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101

Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101: A Guide to the Love Story of Rati and Kamadeva

Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101 is a book that tells the love story of Rati and Kamadeva, the deities of love, desire and passion in Hindu mythology. The book is written in Kannada language and is available for free download online. The book is based on the article ರತಿಯ ಪ್ರಮಕಥೆ : Love Story of Rati in Kannada by Director Satishkumar, which was published on the website Stories in Kannada.

rathi vignana kannada book free 101

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Who are Rati and Kamadeva?

Rati and Kamadeva are the divine couple who spread love and attraction in the world. Kamadeva is the god of desire, who rides on a parrot and shoots flower arrows that make people fall in love. Rati is his consort, who is the goddess of passion, beauty and pleasure. They are both extremely beautiful and charming, and they love each other deeply.

How did they meet and marry?

According to the legend, Brahma, the creator god, created Kamadeva to spread love in the world. He also asked Daksha Prajapati, one of his sons, to find a suitable girl for Kamadeva. But Daksha ignored Brahma's request and did not look for a bride for Kamadeva. Angry with this, Kamadeva shot his flower arrows at Daksha and Brahma, but they missed their targets and hit Sandhya, Brahma's daughter. Sandhya felt ashamed and committed suicide by jumping into a fire pit. This enraged Daksha, who immediately created a beautiful girl from his own body. She was Rati, who was a perfect match for Kamadeva. Rati and Kamadeva were instantly attracted to each other and got married. They became the deities of love, desire and passion.

What are their teachings and symbols?

Rati and Kamadeva taught the world about love, romance, intimacy and sexuality. They also taught various techniques and positions of lovemaking, which are known as Kama Sutras. They believed that love without desire is incomplete, and desire without love is sinful. They said that love is the food of the mind, and desire is the food of the body. Their symbols are flowers, birds, bees, hearts, bows and arrows.

What happened to them later?

Rati and Kamadeva lived happily together until a tragedy struck them. Daksha Prajapati decided to perform a grand sacrifice for the welfare of the world. He invited all the gods and goddesses except Shiva, who was his son-in-law but also his enemy. Shiva had married Daksha's daughter Sati against his wishes. Sati wanted to attend her father's sacrifice, but Shiva warned her not to go. She disobeyed him and went anyway. There, Daksha insulted Shiva in front of everyone. Sati could not bear this humiliation and immolated herself in the same fire pit where Sandhya had died earlier. When Shiva heard about this, he became furious and destroyed Daksha's sacrifice. He also became detached from the world and went into deep meditation.

How to download Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101?

If you are interested in reading Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101, you can download it from the following link: Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101. This link will take you to a page where you can view the book online or download it as a PDF file. The book is free of cost and does not require any registration or login. You can also share the book with your friends and family through social media or email.

What are the benefits of reading Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101?

Reading Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101 can provide you with many benefits, such as:

  • It can enhance your knowledge and appreciation of Hindu mythology and culture.

  • It can inspire you to learn more about the deities of love, desire and passion, and their teachings and symbols.

  • It can improve your language skills and vocabulary in Kannada.

  • It can stimulate your imagination and creativity by presenting you with a captivating love story.

  • It can entertain you and make you happy by offering you a romantic and erotic reading experience.

What are some other books related to Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101?

If you enjoyed reading Rathi Vignana Kannada Book Free 101, you might also like some other books related to Rati and Kamadeva, such as:

  • Kannada Rathi Vignyana: A collection of books on various aspects of love, desire and passion in Kannada language.

  • Kamadeva: The Untold Story of Hindu God of Desire: A book by Anuja Chandramouli that narrates the life and adventures of Kamadeva, the god of desire.

  • Rati Kamdev: A Story of Love and Desire: A book by Pratibha Ray that depicts the love story of Rati and Kamadeva, the goddess and god of passion.



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