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For a comprehensive list of Asian (China including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, South Korea and Thailand; see my huge list for Asian BL/Gay movies and dramas (at the moment; 771 titles and counting.) Also see my separate BL lists for each country, lists for Short movies and mini-dramas sorted by country, and other lists.

Based on the lovely manga "Hana wa Saku Ka?" by mangaka Hidaka Shoko (another of my favs). A mellow, gentle little story--and I think the movie managed to adapt the story and the atmosphere of the original work, very well.

This... is definitely not for everyone. I, for one, went ballistic when I heard the news about it being filmed. I just couldn't believe that someone would choose THIS title to adapt into a live action. The manga is already in itself provocative and far from an easy-chew. Nakamura Asumiko is one of the greatest mangakas ever, IMO, but her art is not for everyone and some of her stories are heavy and dark enough to make many BL fans shy away.This one is one of her darkest, and pretty much one that one either loves--or hates. It takes effort to understand these twisted characters and their screwed-up, but profound relationship. They're not likable at all, there is nothing cute about their love, their bond is much stranger than that. So to turn it into a movie was a bold move.It turned out good. And bad. Some parts were exceptionally well adapted and it catches the dark and menacing beauty of the original story, but other parts didn't work. Some things have been beautified, thus losing much of the original complexity in their relationship dynamics. Also, some balance is lost between dark and light, making the full picture somewhat crooked and haphazard.But I still love this dramatization of a great manga, because of the parts that truly captures the story--and because there are far too few dark fairy-tales in the assortment of BL.

This is a gentle little coming-of-age love story, set by the coast--in the Kamakura area, the surfing Mecca of Japan. The setting with surfing and the ocean, was something I've longed to see. There are quite a few surfer-BL mangas and I love surfing and especially I love the ocean. (One of my all-time-fav BL movies is a surfer one--the US indie flick "Shelter" from 2007. A simple, low budget little thing, but it's lovely.) We can all agree on that the sea always has had a special place in love stories. It's romantic, period. Here, it also gives a feel of youth and freedom.

Old School Japanese kind-of-classic. Adapted from the manga with the same name, by one of the most popular BL mangakas of that time, Fujiyama Hyouta. I do like the manga, but the movie is pretty crappy. Mostly due to really weird miscasting and acting.

Doesn't have the best of ratings, but I think it's a fairly decent adaptation of the classic BL manga "Doushitemo Furetakunai" by my House Goddess Yoneda Kou.It's low-budget and simplistic, but a good effort. Definitely one of the more qualitative of Japanese BL movies.

The movies are flawed, but a good effort. The directing and technical work, as well as the lovely OST, creates an atmosphere that really catches the one from the manga. It becomes a simple movie (x2) but so is the manga. Uncomplicated and cute.

Not that good... there are good points. Some acting is decent--some is not, though. The light and "spring-like" atmosphere of the manga is caught well. But the extremely short runtime really makes things weird and everything is kind of just left hanging, considering that the manga had come much further than what the movie covers, already back then.

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